Your Career

If we made it a habit of reviewing our careers in the same way we have habitualised reviewing our finances, we would feel more at peace with the things and the people that take up half our waking day.

Over the past year and a half, career coaching has been an invaluable help to many – including myself!

If you’ve hit this page, the FIRST thing I’d really like you to do, is download my FREE Career Development Plan Template. It is a fantastic starting point in solving issues related to your occupational life, no matter which stage of your career you are at. Whether you are looking into a career/industry change, the possibility of starting your own little side-hustle or wanting to apply for a Trustee / Non-Exec Director position, you’ll be in good hands with me.

Claz encouraged me to acknowledge my strengths and talents and realise how and why my self-destructive self-criticism could prove to be the biggest roadblock in achieving my goals. Asking me questions that motivated me to explore parts of my personality and past experience that I had not considered were also professional strengths, Claz helped me to identify that I did, in fact, have more demonstrable experience than I had given myself credit for. In addition to this, Claz was able to offer priceless pearls of wisdom from her own professional experience.

Client, Anida, expresses what the journey was like working with me.

I offer ‘by-the-hour’ on-demand career coaching, as well as career packages. Clients can choose which they would prefer depending on their own needs. All prices include a 15min affirmation pre-call, all materials, assessments & tests, and a 15min progress and encouragement follow-up call. Career coaching sessions are by default conducted over Zoom. However, I am also happy to meet clients in person anywhere in West London, by which a fee would be agreed between the client and myself beforehand.

1hr career coaching fee = £100 (+ £45 for up to 30 minutes extra)

30min career coaching fee = £65

Intensive 3hr breakthrough session = £275

3-session career coaching package of 1x 90mins + 2x 60mins = £315