PicFiona R.

I found myself at one of life’s crossroads, looking up over the parapet like a startled meerkat! What choices to make? Which direction to take? What to do? I felt overwhelmed and unable to progress in any direction. I wanted help and guidance to talk over options and how to make changes in both my working life and personal life.

Working with Claz was a fantastic way of enabling me to re-examine my particular stage in life, reflect on my past achievements and help me look at the way I want to go forward. We used effective tools to break down my ‘airy-fairy ideas’ and perceived stumbling blocks. This enabled me to see where I wanted to make changes and turn those ideas into solid, measurable action steps. Claz helped me to set myself some realistic goals and helped build my self-confidence. I now feel equipped to move towards those goals, which in turn, will give me a fresh start and sense of achievement.

The sessions have been very supportive and given me a refreshed view of myself, increased my self-confidence and given me a sense of direction. As we studied the ITEC Level 3 massage course together earlier this year, we already have a connection and I think that was very helpful at the outset and made me feel more confident about discussing deeply personal matters! However, I think that the way the coaching works means that it would be effective without any previous connection. (As with all personal one-to-one situations I guess personalities can sometimes clash or work well together.)

I have started the steps and I’m really looking forward to the journey!