Bodywork is conducted in the comfort of my clients’ homes, or online for healthy eating & wellbeing sessions. Diagnosis is deduced from lifestyle, diet & nutrition, sleep, movement & exercise, pain and stress. Treatments can range from a one-off session through to a 6 month programme.



Human touch is invaluable. It is an emotional language – and a powerful communicator of affirmation! Massage releases the hormone oxytocin, which encourages connection and stimulates wellbeing. Touch also increases levels of dopamine and serotonin – neurotransmitters that naturally regulate and balance the effects of distress. It also increases white blood cell count – boosting our immunity. I take great care of my clients and affirm their worth by applying only certified organic massage mediums to the body. I believe that purity of product ought to align beautifully with my clients’ purity of purpose in body, soul and spirit.


ITEC Lvl 3 – Holistic Massage Therapy. Certified June 2018.
ITEC Lvl 3 – Healthy Eating & Wellbeing Advice. Certified January 2019.
Trinity College Dublin – Exercise Prescription for the Prevention of Chronic Illness & Disease.
Certified July 2020.
ITEC Lvl 3 – Sports Massage. Certified May 2021.


Chair Massage. Certified Jan 2019.
Advanced & Deep Tissue Massage. Certified 04.10.20
Infection Prevention and Control in Health & Care Lvl 2. Certified 04.11.20
Mental Health First Aid. Certified 26.08.20
Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage. Certified 16.04.21
Thai Foot Massage. Certified 19.06.21
Trigger Point Therapy. Certified 26.11.21


Consultations are mandatory.

In accordance with my policy, I will explain why I may or may not be the right massage therapist for you. I can only know this once I have more information about your physical condition, your needs, and your goals. Before any massage takes place, please do click the button below. 

My procedures and policies are here (these are the equivalent of my terms and conditions, which you’d need to agree to before the call takes place).


Individuals can view my Terms and Conditions here

Businesses are not expected to accept terms and conditions of my massage on behalf of their staff, only the Ts&Cs due to them as a business. However, staff receiving my massage will still need to accept my client Ts&Cs (with the exception of home treatments) before I proceed with their treatment. My terms will be set out on a sheet of paper, which they need to fill in their full name, date and signature to, along with the name of the company they are working for. During this time of pandemic, the individual receiving my massage must complete a face-to-face treatment consent form stating that they nor anybody they live with are carrying the coronavirus.


Postcodes served without travel charges: TW3, TW4, TW5, TW6, TW14.

Massage service at postcodes outside of those listed incur a 75p per mile travel fee, unless a prior agreement has been made.

​Parking Fees will be recharged to the client. Hounslow

NHS staff member? You get 15% off the cost of your massage!