** UPDATED Ts and Cs for FEES on 10th June 2022**

From time to time these terms and conditions may change and you will see the latest version at the top of this piece. Please note that my DATA PRIVACY POLICY is separate to these Ts&Cs and can be found on any of my websites.


In these Covid-19 times, a face-to-face treatment consent form is to be completed for every face-to-face treatment that I have with you BEFORE the in-person consultation begins. This form is attached to every massage appointment you make.

By booking a massage treatment with me, you would agree:

  • that all clients must complete a Covid-19 face-to-face treatment consent form.
  • to my deep cleaning & sanitisation of equipment routine every 2 weeks.
  • to provide your own towels (2x large) whilst Covid-19 persists.
  • to pay online (Plus see ‘FEES’ below) or by card on the day of treatment.
  • that I must wear a mask at all times on your premises.
  • that I will conduct a lateral flow test once a week.
  • on my rights to reschedule an appointment to a suitable time for you should I or anyone in my household become symptomatic or test positive for Coronavirus.


Minimum space requirement for giving treatment is 300cm (120 in / 10ft) x 120cm (47 in / 4ft). Please do not continue with this consultation form and seek an alternative therapist if you cannot provide this space.

The location where the treatment will be conducted must not be any further than a 90 second walk from where my car would be parked. A total of 15 minutes for set-up and pack down time (includes car loading & unloading) is allocated per visit. If at the trial massage it becomes known that this part of the policy cannot be upheld, a discussion will ensue as to feasibility. Time can be added to the total allocation of treatment at an additional cost of £10 for every 5 minutes.

It is your responsibility to inform me via my booking forms, emails, calls or text messages of any health conditions that you have that might affect others, or that might affect your ability to receive my massage treatments.

Should you or I feel that treatment(s) are not proving to be beneficial toward the overall goal of improved wellbeing for yourself, I reserve the right to change or withdraw therapy services to you. This shall be clearly communicated with you and a discussion shall ensue as to the continuation of pre-scheduled treatments. Your safety, health and wellbeing is of utmost importance to me, and I will make every effort to refer or signpost you to correct help.

As a professional massage therapist, I treat both male and female clients. However, when treating male clients, another female adult must be present at location (not necessarily in the same room).


Clients should expect an invoice to be sent to their email addresses up to 24 hours after a treatment has been booked. To secure a booking, a 50% deposit is required.

You may receive an invoice from either ‘BodyBalanceLDN’ or ‘Touch of Clarity’.

Full payment of the booking is required on the day of treatment. This can be paid in advance online via the invoice that shall be emailed to you, or payment can be taken by card after treatment has been performed.

Travel fees are calculated at 75p per mile, rounded to the nearest mile from TW4 postcode. Any parking fees, toll fees or congestion charges are covered by the client. This term is set unless otherwise agreed beforehand.
Travel fee exemptions are still applicable for TRIAL and BIRTHDAY massages, within 7 mile radius of the TW4 postcode.


You have the right to cancel your appointment with me up to 48 hours in advance with full access to deposit refund.

Less than 48 hours notice of cancellation shall result in the loss of your deposit. The two exceptions to this policy are:

1) In the case of coronavirus infection for yourself, myself, or anyone living in our households. Test results will be required as proof of coronavirus presence for the deposit to be refunded.

2) In the case of an emergency situation where yourself, immediate siblings, parents or dependents are in critically ill condition.

If a client is not home/present at the treatment location when I arrive, I shall wait up to 10 minutes for the client to arrive. If the treatment is able to go ahead, the 10 minutes will have to be deducted from treatment time, without recourse to refund for the equivalent of that time. If the client is a no-show, the client shall not only lose their deposit, but shall also be required to pay the balance of their fee.


All information (documented or verbal) that you share with me as part of this therapeutic relationship, is bound by the principles of confidentiality set forth by the professional complementary association bodies that I belong to.


A copy of my insurance certificate is available to you upon request. Despite this, it is as much your responsibility to exercise duty of care toward yourself and your own personal safety as it is mine. You will need to ensure you are mentally, physically and emotionally able to engage in the treatments, or seek advice as to whether my treatments will be unsuitable for you.


I will not tolerate any form of aggressive or inappropriate behaviour – whether that is expressed in the form of words, body language or tone of voice. Any such behaviour will be addressed and if not rectified immediately could result in immediate termination of your treatment without recourse to refund.

Being under the influence of recreational drugs and alcohol is a total contraindication for treatment. By completing this form, clients agree not to consume or use recreational drugs or alcohol beyond a legally acceptable limit for driving (for example) within 48 hours of the appointment time.