Genesis of my business

About my business

My business began partly as a result of an emotionally traumatic experience that made me realise I wasn’t living out the fullness of my life purpose at that given time. I am often true to myself, and recognised that it was time for a change because I found myself doing something that was absolutely against my nature and values: to crush the hope and opportunity of someone who showed great potential at an interview. In order to fulfill my own potential and appropriate my God-given gifts, I needed a profession that empowered me to support people in fulfilling their own potentials and giving them hope. At that point I set about finding out about how I could live for others, helping them to see hope and potential in every circumstance in life.

The next part of the genesis of my business is rooted in the project and programme work that I managed. After successfully delivering multiple projects, I found that my stakeholders’ (including my own) capacity and ability to embrace the change that these projects enforced both on a human and a practical level needed to have been factored into the entire project lifecycle. That’s when I discovered change management.

The final part of my business’s genesis is attributed to my wonderful grandmother. She used to ask me to massage her, but I didn’t know how. So I learned how, and in the process, learned so much about our bodies, our health, our wellbeing and gained a few professional qualifications to enable my grandma to live as best she can in her old age. I now love bringing this knowledge and practice to my clients as an extra offering.

Mission Statement: Bringing a touch of clarity to people’s lives through life coaching, change management & holistic wellbeing.


Vision Statement: Seeing lives fulfilled, potentials reached, transformation accomplished and life purpose given meaning and expression.


Business Values

Business Essentials

  • Integrity and honesty in all things
  • Skillfulness in serving
  • Confidence and benevolence in the same vessel
  • Courage to pursue excellence
  • Hard work that is ‘beyond business’
  • Creativity and clarity with a bunch of common sense
  • Putting relationship with other first
  • Determination
  • Discipline
  • Money
  • Resourcefulness
  • Marketing
  • Decisiveness
  • Joyfulness

About my logo

All the above principles formed the logo, wonderfully designed by my friend and very talented Artistic Director, Kathy Kielty.

14 rays, which symbolise an epiphany or a burst of clarity touch of ‘T’ of my business name. Those rays represent my 14 business values and essentials.

The business name itself took many hours of deliberation. I think my poor friend who had to sit through my mulling (in both English and Latin!) was sick of me by the end. The name ‘Touch of Clarity’ finally came to me at the end of the day, as my most final thought that burst through the darkness after praying about it most of the day. It wasn’t just a burst of clarity, but with it, came a burst of peace too.

The font is called ‘soft elegance’ and I’ve adopted it as my main branding typography.

Touch Clarity Coaching Change Management Agent Holistic Wellbeing