Enjoy a life of balance and excellence!

My name is Claz and I’ve been both a professional coach and
massage therapist since summer 2018.

IMPORTANT: Between February and September 2023, I will be putting all my coaching and massage work on hold, as I relocate and settle into a new role as a prison chaplain.

During this period I will be reviewing my business and making some exciting changes
that align even more strongly with who I am… so watch this space!!

Whatever is (or isn’t) going on for you
in your life, your career, your health journey,
we can chat about it.

The best place to begin is to choose from one of these three action points for you:

  • schedule a 10 min chat to discuss what would be most helpful to you;
  • book a 50 minute consultation call to establish whether we’d be a good fit for each other if what you’re after is professional coaching; or
  • book a massage treatment or healthy living session.

Otherwise, please have a browse of my site, as you may find answers here!

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anonymous femaleNaila K.

Claz is by far one of the most competent and effective life coaches in the UK. She not only helped me with personal issues in my life, she also helped me strategise in my business and tailored to all my needs, which has had a profound impact on my life. She inspired and significantly encouraged me to eventually take steps to improve my personal life and business, bringing out my best qualities and the clarity I needed. I have a lot of gratitude and appreciation – she really cared with warmth, kindness and integrity. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey. It has released me as I was stuck and stressed and she has given me the confidence boost needed. Thank you Claz.


anonymous femaleNic C.

I started life coaching because I was in a period in my life where I felt stuck in several areas, Claz helped me to establish goals for myself, to make progress towards them and to have a break-through. In every session I had, Claz was always encouraging, motivating and supportive. Claz helped me to think of different ways to solve problems I was encountering and her encouragement gave me confidence in my abilities to help myself. In the sessions I had with Claz I made significant progress towards my goals and have recently achieved one of my main goals, getting a permanent full-time job. Would 100% recommend coaching sessions with Claz if you are feeling stuck in any areas of your life!